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Sewing – Summer Style


As they say, third time’s a charm.  I’ve made this pattern twice now in cotton florals and I decided to step up my game with a piece of hot-fuchsia linen.  I must say,  I am very happy with the results.  I like the understated sophistication of a linen dress for summer; it’s easily accessorized up or down making it extremely versatile.  A pretty summer sandal, the right jewelry and it’s perfect for an evening out.  Or, slide into some comfy flip-flops and go grocery shopping in style.  Either way it works, making it a great addition to my summer wardrobe.

I’m seeing a little black dress on the horizon.

Dressmaking – Summer Cool


Question:  What’s better than one cotton dress?  Answer:  Two cotton dresses.

The weather has suddenly gotten warm in Sewville and there is nothing that says “cool”  like a   sleeveless cotton dress.  I like this dress pattern, because it’s so polite…  no rude clinging or binding to contend with as it discretely skims the figure and smoothes out the silhouette.  This pattern is a real find; it’s flattering and comfortable without there being a hint of mu-mu-ville.


Sewing with Miss Mayzie


I always enjoyed sewing for my children when they were wee ones.  I still have the little jeans, complete with rivets, that I made so many years ago.  I had three boys and sewed for all of them.  I reached my pinnacle in boys wear with tailored dress coats, and the white duppioni silk short-all with a navy sailor collar complete with silk grosgrain ribbon stripes, you know…  the kinds of things English royal children wear.  Of course, none of the boys were very excited about wearing these things once they became conscious of what other kids were wearing, but I had a few precious years of dressing them like princes.

Every now and then I get the urge to make a little girls dress; I used to sew my nieces but they’re grown now, too.  I made dresses to donate to school auctions, but auction days are over.  So now, when that urge to sew something pink strikes me, I’m at loose ends.  Last summer while having a conversation with a long time friend ( since 4th grade to be precise) who happens to have four granddaughters,  I asked her if she would like to me make a dress for one of them.  Of course, she said yes.

Being that I tend to view children as little sponges ready to absorb experiences, and I wanted to make this project more than just getting a new dress and elevate it into a creative sewing adventure for my little pupil.   I did this by bringing her into the process.  Together we visited the fabric store,  took measurements, selected a pattern, deliberated over fabrics and made a final choice from the many options available; all the major decisions for the dress were made by Mayzie.  Then we had a fitting so she could try on the finished product.

And what should you do when you’re wearing a new dress?  Have a tea party, of course!

See youtube here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DqL-yFL_0M&list=UUoDqX3YB19EigDTFVqhm19g&index=2&feature=plcp