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Sewing Tutorial – Creating a bias binding finish


I started working on this silk jacket a long time ago.  It is finished except for finishing the interior seams of each armhole.   An unlined jacket should look as finished on the inside as it does on the outside.  A bias binding applied to raw edges creates a couture finish detail that is very pleasing.

1.  Begin by removing threads or fraying from the raw edge.

2. Create a 3″ bias strip out of left over fabrics and fold in half.

3.  Pin the folded bias strip around the armhole with the raw edges of the bias and garment together.

4.  Stitch using the armhole seam line as a guide.

5.  Trim the excess from armhole edge leaving a scant 3/8″.

6. Pin the finished bias edge in place along interior sleeve using seam line as a guide. (You could also use a basting thread instead of pins.)

7.  Carefully stitch the finished bias edge in place along pinned edge.

8. Finished seam looks beautiful and also serves as a little shoulder support giving shape to the seam line without the use of shoulder pads.

9. Finish the raw edges of the neckline using the same bias strip application.

10.  Pin the  bias strip in place with raw edges together.

11.  Stitch bias strip in place using the neckline seam as a guide.

12. Trim the neckline edge to a scant 1/4″.

13.  Pin the bias strip in place and stitch along finished edge of strip.

14.  The finished interior neckline creates a clean finish.

15.  Completed jacket with inside couture finishes.