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Handcrafted Jewelry – Totally Gaudacious


Gaud-awful Good!

I  made a new necklace this weekend.  The local bead store was having a sale and I found this sparkling pendant that I simply had to have.  Sometimes gaudy is good… or if not good, at least fun.  So here is it strung with some pretty pink beads along with some baubles I salvaged from an old Chico’s necklace  that I wasn’t wearing very much.   Since discovering jewelry making, I’ve taken to prying apart old necklaces and reworking them into new necklaces.  It kind of reminds me of playing with pop-beads when I was a little girl, remember  pop-beads?  It was great fun then and it still is!

Fabric Beads


Fabric Bead Jewelry… yet another creative use of fabric scraps!

There are so many creative uses for fabric; the potential is close to limitless.  Some of you may be familiar with my fabric mosaics as seen on “My Other Blogs”.  Making fabric mosaics produces a lot of scrap fabric and I am always looking for ways to recycle of the leftover pieces… and from this, fabric beads came into being.   I create little bundles and bind them with complementary accent thread.

I especially like vintage beads and use them whenever I can to create interesting necklaces and matching sets of earrings.  Here are a few examples of my work.  I’ve had success selling in a local salon… woohoo!

Jewelry – handcrafted necklace and earrings


Fabric Art Beads

Fabric art beads are made from left over remnants from my various sewing and fabric mosaics projects. With sustainable practices becoming so much a part of how we think today, I found myself wanting to come up with a practical use for what might otherwise have been discarded and out of that came my idea for Fabric Art Beads. Through repurposing of remnant materials, fabric art beads are created and incorporated into fashion jewelry.


Arenaria necklace is made with luscious shades of gold and cream hand-dyed batik fabric-art-beads accented with metallic gold Gutterman thread. Fabric-art-beads are paired with a variety of vintage and new decorative beads for a truly unique, one-of-kind, accessory. Wear alone or as a set with Arenaria companion pierced earrings by RemnantWorks .

necklace and coordinating earrings

necklace with embroidered silk blouse

Handcrafted Jewelry – Summer Accoutrements


I decided I really needed a little something to go with my new dress.

With that in mind, I took a quick spin through my bead drawer and found a few odds and ends to work with.

So, what do you think of my necklace and matching set of earrings?  Too bad I don’t have pierced ears.  Oh well…