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Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather

Icy Tundra – an oversized pullover sweater for the cold days ahead.

I started this sweater last year and had it completed except for finishing a sleeve seam.  I set it aside and now that the weather has turned cooler I decided it was time to finish up last year’s project and take up a new one.

I started with a simple turtleneck pattern I found online published by Red Heart yarns (no longer available online, I advice printing online patterns as there is turnover with some patterns being purged the system) ) .  I like to scour the internet for free knitting patterns – it’s a great resource.  Being my first sweater in a very long time I opted for an acrylic yarn of moderate price.  It took, around ten skeins to complete.  Including yarn and various supplies my investment was just under $50.   Not too bad for a warm and cozy winter sweater.

This pattern is a size medium and I do like the oversized look, but I’ve begun another sweater over the same pattern in a mustard and gray combination in a size small to try out a closer fitted look.



Baby, It’s Cold Outside


Keeping Warm in Festive Knitted Fashion

Several years ago I revisited the art of knitting after a 30 year hiatus.    I learned to knit before I could write.  My grandmothers and aunts were all avid knitters… it was all around me all the time and soon I became interested in learning myself.    Much like riding a bicycle, once learned one never really forgets how to do it.  Not having as much time for complicated and time consuming creative projects, I find knitting to be a very convenient creative activity; it is the kind of work that can easily be taken from place to place and worked on in short intervals without losing track of one’s progress.

This year I decided to make several knitted gifts.  This is the hat and scarf I made for my favorite 3 year old to wear during the cold wintery days of December made in festive green and red… an early gift just in time for the holidays.  I hope she likes it! fullsizeoutput_fe1

Creative Solutions


Unique Hand-Crafted Gifts

Learning to finger knit was my entre` into the realm of using yarn to create .  Knitting along with a variety of other creative pursuits was part of the cultural landscape I was born into … hands were always busy making interesting and beautiful things.  With that level of  industry and interest modeled before me,  it was most natural I, too, would learn to thread the needle.

I well remember the project in which I was allowed to use knitting needles for the first time; it was a yellow pot holder with a little loop knitted in one corner used for hanging.  From there I moved onto to slipper making; they had pompom embellished toes… in the same yellow yarn.    To this day, I could make those slippers in my sleep; I was so proud slip-sliding around the house in them.  I eventually moved on to knitting hats and mittens and sweaters, but that was long ago.    My knitting work was eventually was set aside to make way for my primary focus on sewing and tailoring.

It was during this past Christmas season that I had a challenging gift selection to make for someone special. I gave it good thought, but nothing seemed particularly fitting.   It was only after considering making a gift that I was knew I was on track as it is in the making of something that the true gift resides, the gift of time and thought and effort.  And so it was that I reached into my bag of tricks, dusted off my number 9’s and knitted a beautiful, one of a kind, Christmas scarf.

Considering her smile, I think she likes.




I’m knitting again.  Since making this scarf I knitted two more and have yarn for number three and four.   I’ll keep you posted.