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Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather

Icy Tundra – an oversized pullover sweater for the cold days ahead.

I started this sweater last year and had it completed except for finishing a sleeve seam.  I set it aside and now that the weather has turned cooler I decided it was time to finish up last year’s project and take up a new one.

I started with a simple turtleneck pattern I found online published by Red Heart yarns (no longer available online, I advice printing online patterns as there is turnover with some patterns being purged the system) ) .  I like to scour the internet for free knitting patterns – it’s a great resource.  Being my first sweater in a very long time I opted for an acrylic yarn of moderate price.  It took, around ten skeins to complete.  Including yarn and various supplies my investment was just under $50.   Not too bad for a warm and cozy winter sweater.

This pattern is a size medium and I do like the oversized look, but I’ve begun another sweater over the same pattern in a mustard and gray combination in a size small to try out a closer fitted look.