Blue and White China


We’ve all had the experience of purchasing a piece of fabric that we absolutely loved and held it back for the perfect project only to later discover that we kept it too long, so long in fact that our fickle affections faded; what was once appealing had grown tiresome and out of favor.  And then… there are other pieces that we hold onto that we never seem to grow tired of.  That is the case with the French Country piece used for the table runner in the background of this photo.  I purchased it at Daisy Kingdom in NW Portland shortly before the company went out of business in 2004.  I loved it then and still adore it.  It reminds me of the patterns you see on the inside lining of old trunks from bygone eras.

Blue and white is another classic color combination that never seems to go out of style; it’s a favorite of mine.  I have four dinner plates of Italian Blue Spode as a base to build upon.  I am slowly collecting additional pieces all in blue and white coordinated patterns for a “shabby chic”table for eight. It’s fun and challenging, because not just any blue and white will due… it’s a balancing act of style, pattern and color all coming together in a unique and pleasing way.   This is my first setting.  The dinner plate is English Spode and the salad plate is by Gibson of Goodwill.  The napkin is made of delicate cotton voile made my moi, of course. 🙂

What do you think?



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      • I am always looking on Pinterest at tables like your picture!! It will look amazing when you have the full set. It seems that the table cloth makes all the difference! I am currently collecting ideas for the Easter dinner table….oh and decorating my fireplace for each month!!

        • Funny you should say that, as I’ve been collecting my blue and white I see all kinds of pieces that would make another great collection if different styles and colors. Ah, so many wonderful choices. I’d love to see your fireplace decor… sounds like an interesting project.

        • I know, it was hard for me switch over to non-sewing topics, but if I want to keep blogging while working full-time that will have to be the course I take for now. The extent of my sewing consists of table napkins and table runners these days so I’ve started sharing other creative pursuits. Have a great day/evening. I’m off to work now.

    • I visited the factory where Spode China was manufactured… it’s been quite a few years ago now. How interesting to have known someone with a connection to that family. Nice! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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