Hedgehogs are In!

Not long ago while on my lunch hour, I stopped in to have a look round the Quilted Forest.  I’ve never been much into quilting, but I do find tremendous inspiration in the beautiful fabrics I see there.  People are so talented and it’s always exciting to see what interesting ideas others come up with.

While shopping I came across a charming collection of fabrics that included an adorable hedgehog.  I was told that hedgehogs are “really in” … something I never would have known, but for being told.  I had to have the hedgehog fabric!  I picked up two additional companion pieces and some jumbo rickrack that seemed to go with it.    I had no particular idea in mind, but thought perhaps it would make a cute little dress… if I could find the right pattern.   Over the next couple of months I did find a suitable pattern and was ready to go once I could find a block of time to work.  With today being a holiday I set out this morning to see what I could come up with and here we have it.

Moda fabric collection

The biggest challenge, was to determine which pieces to use where.  I wanted the hedgehogs to play a prominent role in the design so I used that fabric for the back because it was in one piece and would thereby show off the fabric to full advantage.dress back

Then decisions were made about the piecing across the front.  It’s surprising how placement makes such a difference in the overall look and feel of a garment, but it really does and therefore requires careful consideration.  Being a wrap dress, there are interior ties to help hold the dress in place.  Interior ribbon tiesOnce the dress was finished the rickrack was applied around the bottom.  Overall, I am pleased with the way it turned out.  The scale is a bit large for a child, but with the jumbo rickrack, I think it works.  I like the versatility of the pattern; I can see this with tights and a turtle neck for a Christmas dress or as a warm weather sundress.  Either way it’s adorable.dress completed

Child's dress

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  1. Beautiful simplicity of design with imaginative creativity from start to finish. You are a ‘Sew Artist’ of the ‘Fabric Artist’ family of Creators I”d day- as well as sew much more of course! Thanks for sharing This. 🙂

  2. Hi, Kerri! I bought a piece of that same hedgehog fabric! I also got a kit there to embroider a little hedgehog – the fabric is going to be the back of a pillow, for my grandson. The letter H is embroidered on it as well. Henry can’t write his whole name yet, but he’s got the letter H down.

      • I’ll post it on facebook. I kind of forgot about it till I saw your fabric! I have some other projects I’ll be working on before Christmas. Did I show you the knitted/beaded bag I made? It’s for my daughter-in-law. I can’t remember who I showed it to. Can’t post on FB yet because she would see it!

        I enjoyed your project!

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