The Art of Gaity


 at the pianoSuite in F – Allegro

Georg Friedrich Handel

Suite in F – Allegro

I read a line not long ago that said, ‘the best things to know are the hardest to learn.’  I think that idea applies to this piece.  It has been a challenge to learn, but well worth the effort as it is soooo much fun to play.  I hope you will be able to hear some of that delight as you listen.

As I selected images for this video, I couldn’t help but notice the wonderful historic costumes.  These images are a testament to the fact that contrary to popular thinking, formality and frippery are compatible with frivolity and fun. So sit back and listen, or perhaps join in and kick up your heels. 🙂

IMG_9562 IMG_9558

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  1. How delightful! Thanks for starting my morning off with this light and fun tune. It does seem hard to play, so congratulations for learning it! I enjoyed the images, too. Such a sweet reminder of times I know little about but wish I could step into and live for a day. Thank you! 🙂

    • Thank you for your lovely comment. The thing I like most about blogging is to able to connect with people, such as yourself, who “get it”, who understand and appreciate. Not an everyday occurrence, but surely a welcome one. 🙂

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