Sewing With Vintage Patterns

Sewing With Vintage Patterns

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I remember when this dress pattern first came out.  I was completely taken with the design; it seemed so fresh and unlike any of the dress styles I was used to seeing.   I made it up, but don’t remember wearing it very much.  My sewing skills were somewhat limited in those early days and the dress probably didn’t turn out to look quite as nice as the picture on the pattern envelope.

Simplicity 5562

Simplicity 5562

Now that I have begun to sell off my old patterns, I find myself struggling with letting go of this one.  Most patterns are very easy to part with once the decision has been made, while others, not so easy.   I found myself thinking about making it up in a contemporary fabric.  I know it would be cute even though I couldn’t possibly fit into it anymore! 🙂

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  1. I no longer sew, other than to hem and mend a bit, but your post and pattern bring back so many lovely memories of looking through pattern books, and then when finally having made a choice, bringing it home. My mom made all of our clothing and this pattern would definitely have been on that I chose. Keep it!

  2. It’s so pretty! I’m going to look up that range of patterns as the only thing similar to that now is Burda Young. Being 16, I find a lot of sewing patterns to be a bit old for me 🙂

  3. I would definitely try again and grade the pattern to fit. I can definitely imagine this as a modern dress.
    Wish I’d kept some of my old patterns but to be honest, I was often so disheartened that I couldn’t wait to see the back of them…

  4. Hi,
    I just bought a pattern like this! A Butterick Retro. The collar is probably larger on my pattern, quite sailorish! I really loved it what I saw it! Definitely go for it I say! I have some fabric which was a gift from Spain…Pastel pink with white cross stitch so am going to sew mine up for Summer!

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