Sewing- mini tutorial – CHANEL JACKET TRIMS

Sewing- mini tutorial – CHANEL JACKET TRIMS

Creating A Unique CHANEL-style trim

Last year I made my first Chanel-style jacket.  Finding a suitable trim, a hallmark of a Chanel, proved to be challenging.  I decided to try making my own.

I began with a skein of ribbon yarn and number 9 knitting needles.  Four stitches provided a nice width and using a basic stockinette stitch  I created a long strip.  Stockinette stitches tend to curl at the edges which works to advantage for hiding  hand stitching when applying the trim to the garment.

Creating a trim from ribbon yarn

Creating a trim from ribbon yarn

I would recommend making individual strips for each pocket and a continuous length for the center front and neckline.  By doing this it will reduce the chance of the trim unraveling at the edges during application and can more easily be tucked in at seam lines or pocket edges.  Otherwise, apply Fray Check or a fabric glue to secure the edges.

Once the trim is completed it can be attached by hand-stitching into position along the pockets, center front,neckline and sleeve edges.

Creating a unique trim for Chanel-style jacket

trim applied to sleeve edge

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  1. Hello ,
    What a beauty can you tell me the brand of the yarn I have purchase few but not like you’d snd the finish is not nice.
    Thank you for sharing your ideas 💡

    • Hello Marie, thank you for your interest. I’m sorry to say that I do not remember the name of the year as I purchased one ball of it on a whim quite a few years ago now and wasn’t sure how I would use it until coming up with the idea for a Chanel jacket trim. I bought it at a specialty yarn shop, so I would recommend perhaps looking on line for speciality ribbon style knitting material. or maybe visiting a yarn boutique. I wish I could be of more help, but I’m sure you’ll find something beautiful if you keep looking. Thank you again for your kind remarks and good luck!.

  2. That’s gorgeous! Is that beaded or sequined ribbon you’re using? If yes, you’ve done a great job of knitting evenly. Love this combination of colors and materials. Making a Chanel-style jacket has been and still is on my “permanent” bucket list. Your post is pushing me a little bit to get it started…

    • If you click on either of the two pictures above they should enlarge so you can see the ribbon better. It isn’t beaded or sequined, just metallic threads running through a flat ribbon.
      Glad to be of inspiration and thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a note of encouragement. 🙂 I’ll be waiting to see you Chanel jacket.

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