Byzantine Inspired Fabric Mosaic – Project Update


Art Meets Fashion

linnyjcreations and I were talking about the latest Dolce & Gabanna Byzantine inspired fashion collection today . Check out her blog entry Religious Mosaic Fabric – Dolce Gabbana.

As it happens, I am currently up to my neck in a Byzantine fabric mosaic project. One of the hallmarks of Byzantine style is the high degree of detail and ornamentation.  I’m sure that’s why I’m attracted to this historic period; it provides a perfect outlet for my tendency to move toward increasing complexity in just about everything I do.  I can get lost in the world of details for hours as though I were transported to another universe.  For example, today I decided that I wanted to highlight each pearl on the dress with required the cutting out an additional 43 circles approximately 1/4″ in diameter.  Very close work, indeed.:)

Any guesses on who the subject is?  Byzantine ornamentation

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    • Amanda, that is such a good guess! She is from a little further to the east I’m afraid. I have been working on this very diligently recently; I would like to finish soon, because I have events coming up that will preclude me working on it for awhile, so the pressure is on. Wish me luck. I’m all done except for the face and faces can be difficult to get right, so we shall see.
      Thank you for your very kind compliments. 🙂

    • Thank you so much grtescp! I am very flattered to be included in the super sweet circle. 🙂
      Recognition from great bloggers, such as you are, is a compliment I take to heart.

  1. I have not reviewed the other comments in hopes of offering something original. Kerri, when I saw the braids I thought of a maiden in a rustic blouse but then I saw the crosses so it looks like an ecclesiastical robe. But I’m not sure if those are the braids of a fair haired maiden or perhaps some kind of ornamentation on an elaborate headdress worn by a member of the clergy.

    • EmilyAnn, you are most observant! 🙂 I am working off a mosaic and trying to stay true to the design… or as much as I can see… the photos I work from are not very clear sometimes. I was surprised myself at how ethnic the center design looked when it came together, but then when you know where this blond haired woman came from, it makes sense. Her garment is the same design as a clerical vestment (good eye) and the crosses, which were not in the original mosaic are my own add-on. The original had jewels, but I wasn’t happy with them, so I made up my own ornamentation; I’ve no doubt violated clerical fashion protocol, but oh well.
      Thank you for your astute and thoughtful analysis.

      • You’re most welcome. This also reminds me of a print I have of a Ukranian Madonna. I’ll look for it and post a link to the page when there’s time.

  2. Sorry Kerri I looked with my husband, the first impression is that it may not be a female figure … but no idea otherwise. I can’t wait to see the final shape of this wonderful project. 🙂

    • I can understand why you might have an impression of male, because the garment appears to be vestment-like, which would imply male, I suppose. Actually, it is a female.

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