Simplicity Sewing

Simplicity Sewing

Purple or Periwinkle

I’ve been on the lookout for the right shade of purple to go with a skirt I’ve had for some time.  I found this interesting piece of embroidered linen that seemed like it would work.  I call it purple, but maybe it is periwinkle… I think periwinkle has more blue in it.

embroidered linen

Either way, it has turned out to be a good choice to go with my skirt.   I picked up a yard for the tunic pattern I’ve been using this summer.  I really like the simplicity of this pattern; I can complete it in an afternoon… no problem!

linen tunic and skirt

I found a piece of purple duppioni silk in my fabric stash to use as bias binding for the neck and armholes.  It’s a good feeling to use up a scrap of something I have on hand.

silk binding

It’s always fun to give a little update to something you’ve had and make it seem fresh and new again.The unstructured look with nothing-to-bind is perfect for staying cool on hot summer days.  I like wearing skirts, but often don’t want to feel “dressed-up.”  This look works for me, because it blends casual easy/no-care (what I jokingly refer to as rag-bag fashion) with the I-made-an-effort-today discipline that I try to adhere to.


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    • I agree, it’s not the usual embroidered floral linen that can feel kind of same-old, same-old. It’s really quite a unique piece, which is always fun to find.

  1. It’s amazing that people are retuning to bias tape, whether they make it or not. There’s a popular pattern that I’ve seen, and I downloaded it, in the sewing universe that people are making and it uses bias tape. I remember my mother using it all the time. For some reason we got away from using it over the years.

    The color is lovely with your skirt.

    • Thank you, Mary. I love bias tape, especially because you can make it yourself and use it to match or contrast the fashion fabric. It’s a little extra trouble, but produces such a nice. clean and professional looking finish. I’m definitely qualify as an ardent devotee of bias binding. 🙂

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