Sewing Classic Summer Apparel


The Season of Casual Comfort

linen casual wear

I came across an old pattern in my pattern library from 1998.  I remember making the vest and not finishing it, because I didn’t like the fit…or lack of fit is more accurate.   I am always intrigued how something I once didn’t care for can take on a new life and become a new favorite; whoever said fashion is fickle was certainly onto something.  Rediscovery is always a good thing; it means I’m changing and growing and open to new ways of thinking.  I like that!

McCalls pattern

 I began with Mcall pattern 9278.  I used updated constructions methods which I talked about in my last post by eliminating the facing and using French seam applications on all interior seams and sleeves for a streamlined look.  To give support to the buttonhole areas I created small uniform patches and fringed the unfinished edges.
button patches
Behind the fashion button, I sewed a small support button to reduce wear on fabric.  You could also use small beads in a different color to add interest and artsy elegance, especially if you plan to wear the garment open.
button application
The hemline and center front edges were turned under 5/8 inches and stitched.  A bias binding made from the fashion fabric was applied to the sleeve opening and neckline.  I used a linen open weave pattern for the top applying the same constructions techniques.  It was quick and easy very versatile.
finishing detailslinen casual wear

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  1. Great update, Kerry. I especially like your idea of putting a bead or button on the inside to support the outside button. I never thought of that before.

  2. I really like it! I recently made a tunic and had the same initial thought. But, really, not everything has to be fitted and cinched at the waist and etc. etc. There’s nothing wrong with a tunic or vest style of garment. It’s comfy, looks cute, can be work to work, or casual in place of a T-shirt. So many good things. So, I’m going to wear mine and blog about it next week. So there! Lol.

    • You are so right! Sometimes we get into a way of thinking and it’s hard to change. I’ve always been into tailoring and fit, so this look is a departure for me. I’m finding that unstructured can be very nice, too, especially when workmanship is good and details are added to provide interest.
      Can’t wait to see your tunic! I’ve actually made another tunic over the same pattern except with sleeves and I’ll try to get it up soon, too.

      Thanks for your insights. 🙂

  3. You’ve made that look totally current and very chic. You look like a rich chick at a fab resort! Wow it’s nice and green there! Great colours too, nice and neutral, you’ll be able to enjoy it for years.

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