Sewing with Vintage Buttons Something Old, Something New


Something Old, Something New

A Vintage Button Adds Interest

Navy Linen Jacket and Slacks

Earlier this week I finished up another linen jacket over the same Kwik Sew pattern I used recently.  It’s plain and simple with a nice clean look.  To add some interest I found a special vintage button in my button stash that went perfectly and added a good bit of interest.  Years ago my Great Aunt Squeak (yes, that’s what we called her) gave me her rather large button collection.  I remember thinking it was a great gift at the time and I have used many of her buttons on various garments over the many years her collection has been in my care.  This particular button was a one of a kind and just the right size and color for the buttonhole and I imagine that Squeak would be happy to see that it is in use again.vintage buttonI am not a fan of pull-on pants; I don’t really know anyone who is.  When it comes to casual unlined linen pants, I put vanity aside  both because this style is easy to make, comfortable to wear and doesn’t need to be ironed if you don’t mind the wash and wear look that is so popular here in the northwest.  To go with my new jacket, I found a nice putty colored linen for coordinating pants.   To provide detail, I created a slit at the bottom side seam and added top stitching.  All in all not a bad look.

pant detail

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  1. what a lovely jacket – it looks comfortable and versatile, and as everyone has said, the button adds something extra special – visually and sentimentally!

  2. Kerry, you look great in this combo. It really is nice, isn’t it, to have something casual yet distinctive.

  3. Kerri, your jacket is beautiful and the button is really important part of it. Imagine getting a button collection as a present – how lucky!
    Norma x

  4. I love the jacket – I never thought about using new buttons to freshen up my old jackets and sweaters, great idea. Now I will be button shopping when we go antiquing ! 😉 What a treasure from your aunt.

    • I’m thinking thrift stores would be a good place for button finds, too. Buttons have jumped in price lately… gotten really expensive, so it’s not a bad idea to find these treasures that others might not even recognize as such. Thanks! 🙂

  5. So simple and graceful, especially with the detail of the button from your Great aunt collection this adds a special touch 🙂

    • :)… yes, I remember the days of tailored linen suits and wrinkles were a constant concern. While I still appreciate a crisp linen garment, I’ve become quite a fan of the easy-care and relaxed look of washed linen. Thanks!

  6. Gorgeous outfit. You can’t go past linen for casual wear. I inherited my grandmother’s button collection, so I can relate to how special your button is. 🙂

    • Thank you! Linen in my absolute first choice for summer, too, especially now that the washed look is popular. It’s easy to work with, comes in tons of colors and weights… can’t beat it. 🙂

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