Chanel-Style Suit


In the Pink

We had the most glorious sunshine for Easter Sunday.   Upon arriving at the church, the first person I saw was dressed in the same shade of pink; fuchsia pink seemed to be the color of choice for the day and was liberally  sprinkled throughout the crowd along with lots of orange.  I hadn’t realized quite how up-to-the-minute-fashionable the color was and ended up feeling very au courant in my Chanel style Easter suit.  Woohoo!

Chanel suit, Easter morningHappy Easter !


About Kerri

I am a fabric-sewing enthusiast. All of my art is created in the medium I know best, beautiful, luscious, fabulous fabric. I have an intuitive understanding of the relationships between color, texture and design combined with my passion for detail and devotion to technical mastery makes fabric the natural medium for my artistic expressions My primary sources of inspiration for my sewing include historic costume, the interplay between fashion trends and classical forms, a penchant for quality and excellence and the beautiful colors I see in nature.

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  1. Kerri, I don’t know if my previous comment was saved. If so please delete this one.

    I want you to know that the color reminds me of spring flowers like tulips. It is very flattering to you and appropriate to this season. The little slit in the skirt adds some nice interest. You did such a good job with the total look.

    • EmilyAnn, I hadn’t thought of it, but you’re right about the color looking like spring tulips. Thank you for your very nice compliments and approval of the design details. I’m glad you think the slit works… I thought it was a fun little change from the usual, too. 🙂

      • When she was about 8 to 9 year old she started to like black and grey but now that she is 11 she is back to pink, the color she wore most of her childhood.

        • Pink is such a nice color for girls, like a breath of fresh air.
          Sharing fashion interests is one thing as a mother of boys I missed out on. Although, come to think of it, I had plenty to say about being well dressed men. And, I can proudly attest they all have their own individual style sense and understand the importance of personal presentation (no matter how much they might have groaned as teens). 🙂

        • I try to ‘guide’ and help my children in way they dress, I am lucky because they naturally have a ‘good taste’ in way they dress but I found it easier helping my son. 🙂

    • Thank you! Isn’t that interesting about the teal being a favorite in your area… funny how these things work. I’m always interested in trends and regional differences which “they” say don’t exist anymore, but I don’t believe it. It’s possible that teal was present and I just was focused on the pink… don’t know, but now I’m going to be on the look-out for teal now that you’ve mentioned it. 🙂

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