Creating Unique Fabrics Out Of Scraps


Repurposing Scraps – tutorial

I like the fabric that I used in my last coat so much that I wanted to utilize every little bit that I had left over. I’ve used this method of taking scraps and sewing them together to create a new piece of fabric before and it always proves to be an interesting effort.   I began by looking through my fabric and trims to see what I might have that would go with the piece I the main piece I was working around and came up with some pretty complements.  It’s amazing the bits and pieces I find that I have squirreled away for later use and then forget about; it’s always fun to rediscover them.

bits and pieces

Once I had gathered my materials selected, I cut a piece of bleached muslin to size to use as a base.  Organza would be a good substitute for muslin if you wanted something lighter weight, but I was thinking sturdy for a bag possibly.   The size of the muslin is determined by the length of scraps I am working with  Then I cut out my strips.  I organized the strips in a way that I thought looked interesting and then began to stitch them onto the muslin.

fabric strips

Beginning at the right edge I sew the first strip down face-up along the left side .  Place the second strip right sides together along the right edge of the first strip and sew down the right side with a 1/4″ seams securing both pieces.

stitch along right edge

Press the second strip out to the right and repeat the process until the base is completed.  I don’t worry too much about being perfect or staying on grain, because I like the somewhat random looking nature of the end result… that is part of the charm of this type of quilting.

  press to the right
Once the muslin backing was completed I added some burgundy cord for embellishment.
sewn strips completed

I then trimmed the piece to the edges of the muslin.

finished piece

I repeated this process and will be incorporating these strips into a bag or maybe a decor item.  Not sure yet.

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    • I’m dashing off at the moment, but wanted to send a quick note to thank you for your kind comment. I’m always willing to assist if you have a question about a technique or how to improve your tailoring skills. Thanks again!

  1. A woman after my own heart – my motto: save the slivers! I happened across your blog tonight, and just HAD to comment on this post. I’ve done this before too, and I love the look when it’s done – totally unique!

  2. Have you ever done any Seminal Quilting. I’ve taken a class a while back. You sew strips of fabric together like you have there and then using a clear ruler and roller cutter, cut on angles and measured squares and sew those strips together to make awesome quilts. I have an entire book of patterns and it makes really intricate quilts much easier.

    • I’ve heard of it and seen examples, but haven’t tried it. It’s gorgeous, without a doubt. Maybe I’ll try that next time I’m using up pieces. I can think of lots of apparel applications that might be interesting.

  3. Great method of using up scraps. I look forward to seeing what you make from it. I think it would make a lovely bag.

  4. This is such a gorgeous way to use favourite scraps….which I too have stashed away (all over the place!) In the back of my mind I have grand plans of using them like you have..with a twist of Alabama Chanin Applique and Stitch Magic and The Art of Fabric Manipulation

    So many ideas…too little time!!

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