February Fashion Blaster


Add warmth to your winter wardrobe

with this super hot color combination.

I’m loving my new fuchsia skirt made in wool boucle.  I just picked it up from the cleaners; a professional press makes such a difference in the finish of the garment.  Notice the short slit in the front seam line; sometime I put it in the back seam, but like to change it around every now and then just to keep things interesting.

 fuchsia skirt

In the back view I tried it with the fuchsia suede wedge shoes, but I think they draw the eye downward too much and are a bit clunky for the silhouette.  Back to the store they go!

skirt back view

To my surprise, I actually prefer the orange flats in the next photo.  Besides being more comfortable I think the orange is better visually, plus they are already part of my ever increasing shoe collection.  YAY!!!  I like it when I can used something I already own.  Now all I need to do is dig out my fuchsia handbag and I’m ready to rumble.

ready to roll

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  1. Hello there,

    Thank you for “liking” my post “Blizzard of 2013” on

    Wow, those colors! Like the pink wild roses and orange daylilies along the side of the road in June….love it.
    I cannot wear orange,yellow, or brown, but you look great in the orange!


  2. I’ve been seeing that colour combination a lot lately. mostly on 8year olds, so its good to be in touch with your inner child

    personalyl I can get away with orange but the entire pink clan seems to have declared a vendetta against me

      • there is a theory that everyone can be categorised as a winnie the pooh charachter, which leaves me wondering how one of lifes eeyores like gareth puts up with a very annoying tigger like me, when he obviously finds me irritating for a lot of the time (he says its like dating a toddler).

        I hvae concluded that he puts up with me for my cooking

    • I really thought (before trying them on) that the orange flats would break up the visual continuity too much and thought the pink would probably be better, but I’m with you… the orange IS definitely better. Funny how these things work out. Sometimes you just have to experiment.
      Thanks for your perspective. 🙂

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