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Creating Unique Fabrics Out Of Scraps


Repurposing Scraps – tutorial

I like the fabric that I used in my last coat so much that I wanted to utilize every little bit that I had left over. I’ve used this method of taking scraps and sewing them together to create a new piece of fabric before and it always proves to be an interesting effort.   I began by looking through my fabric and trims to see what I might have that would go with the piece I the main piece I was working around and came up with some pretty complements.  It’s amazing the bits and pieces I find that I have squirreled away for later use and then forget about; it’s always fun to rediscover them.

bits and pieces

Once I had gathered my materials selected, I cut a piece of bleached muslin to size to use as a base.  Organza would be a good substitute for muslin if you wanted something lighter weight, but I was thinking sturdy for a bag possibly.   The size of the muslin is determined by the length of scraps I am working with  Then I cut out my strips.  I organized the strips in a way that I thought looked interesting and then began to stitch them onto the muslin.

fabric strips

Beginning at the right edge I sew the first strip down face-up along the left side .  Place the second strip right sides together along the right edge of the first strip and sew down the right side with a 1/4″ seams securing both pieces.

stitch along right edge

Press the second strip out to the right and repeat the process until the base is completed.  I don’t worry too much about being perfect or staying on grain, because I like the somewhat random looking nature of the end result… that is part of the charm of this type of quilting.

  press to the right
Once the muslin backing was completed I added some burgundy cord for embellishment.
sewn strips completed

I then trimmed the piece to the edges of the muslin.

finished piece

I repeated this process and will be incorporating these strips into a bag or maybe a decor item.  Not sure yet.

I’m In This Big Art Coat


I Look Incredible

What-what?  What?  What?      What-what?  What?  What?

I'm in my big art coat

I Look Incredible

This is freakin' AWESOME

Before you start groaning…

please understand that this blog entry is fashioned after the lyrics and musical refrain in the hit tune, Thrift Shop, by Macklemore

(The “unclean” version is more fun to watch in video, but the lyrics are decidedly unsuited to my refined audience)

bring the music up and enjoy

(my lyrics go with the part that starts around 3:04 minutes and goes to the end)


Thread Shop

I’m gonna sew some clothes
Only got forty dollars in my pocket
I-I-I’m huntin’
Lookin’ for some buttons
This is freakin’ awesome

I’ll wear my own made clothes
I look incredible
I’m in this big art coat
From that thread shop down the road
I’ll wear my own made clothes
I look incredible
I’m in this big art coat
From that thread shop down the road

I’m gonna sew some clothes
Only got forty dollars in my pocket
I-I-I’m huntin’
Lookin’ for some buttons
This is freakin’ awesome

By the way, I did make this jacket for just under $40 dollars.  How’s that for poppin’ tags!   Not bad for a freakin’ awesome big art coat.

Inspiring Blogger Award


Ta-Da!inspiring2bblog2bawardBy way of thanking Stacy of  Stacy Sews and Schools for honoring me with my very first Inspiring Blog award, I have a special performance…


The rules for accepting a blog award are as follows:
1.  Display award image on your blog page.
2.  Link back to the person who nominated you.
3.  State 7 facts about yourself.
4.  Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award.
5.  Notify the bloggers that they have been nominated and link to their posts.

And now, for 7 Facts that you probably don’t know about me.

I love to feel the wind against my face.

I like Turkish coffee made with extra sugar.

I like my bath water really hot.

I like to go on long drives in the country that include a stop for something to eat.

I hate being cold.

I love the smell of jasmine.

I wear polish on my toes, but never on my fingers.

Here is my list of Fantastic bloggers who also provide wonderful inspiration through their beautiful and very creative blogs.
If you have recently been nominated for the Inspiring Blogger Award OR if you’re not keen on participating in the process, please feel free to accept my appreciation of your talent and desire to point others in your direction.  I think you’re FABULOUS! and no strings attached.  🙂

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February Fashion Blaster


Add warmth to your winter wardrobe

with this super hot color combination.

I’m loving my new fuchsia skirt made in wool boucle.  I just picked it up from the cleaners; a professional press makes such a difference in the finish of the garment.  Notice the short slit in the front seam line; sometime I put it in the back seam, but like to change it around every now and then just to keep things interesting.

 fuchsia skirt

In the back view I tried it with the fuchsia suede wedge shoes, but I think they draw the eye downward too much and are a bit clunky for the silhouette.  Back to the store they go!

skirt back view

To my surprise, I actually prefer the orange flats in the next photo.  Besides being more comfortable I think the orange is better visually, plus they are already part of my ever increasing shoe collection.  YAY!!!  I like it when I can used something I already own.  Now all I need to do is dig out my fuchsia handbag and I’m ready to rumble.

ready to roll