Fashion – The Power of Color


There is nothing like a splash of color to brighten up a dreary winter’s day.

Think boldly… think fuchsia and orange!

I had an hour to kill today and decided to go shopping at the local Macy’s.   I happened to be wearing a nice orange turtleneck that I received as a Christmas gift.  I really like the orange color, but don’t have too many things to wear it with.  I found some lovely scarves in the right color-range on an unbelievable mark-down price and couldn’t resist buying one.  I love the combination of pinks and orange together with a bit of green and gold sparkle … it was so pretty!

turtle neck and scarf

As I stood admiring the scarf against the orange sweater I was seeing it definitely needed a hot pink skirt to round out an outfit. My next stop was a browse through the fabric store where I  found the perfect piece of coordinating fuchsia fabric.  It’s a boucle wool with a little nubby texture that adds a bit of interest.  I picked up lining and a zipper and I’ll be ready to stitch it up in the morning.  Can’t wait to get started!


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  1. Hi Kerri. You are definitely moving into spring with the choice of these colors. The oranges and pinks are a lovely combination.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and liking it! I’m going to follow yours. I need some color coordination. Living in New York City has created in me a Minimalist aesthetic with shades of grey and black dominating my wardrobe. I hope to get some inspiration from you!

    EmilyAnn Frances
    Josie’s Attic:

    • HI EmilyAnn, you have such an interesting blog; thank you for your return visit and comment. I read some this morning about your family history and have seen your amazing tailoring techniques;. I wasn’t surprised to read you are professionally trained, it shows in the perfection of your hand stitching. As for needing inspiration on color, I always think I should try to become more “minimalist” in my wardrobe to make it more interchangable and streamlined, but somehow color creeps in over and over. I’m hopeless when it comes to color and texture….just can’t stay away from it.
      I look forward to following your work. 🙂

    • I went shopping for shoes this weekend. I didn’t buy anything, but I was delighted by the number of pink/orange shoe combinations I saw. Donna Karan has some suede three-toned shoes out that might fit the bill, but I am nervous about looking too “matchy-poo.” Hmm… I am not quite sure what kind of a neutral would work either. Decisions, decisions! 🙂

    • Great logo!
      Funny you should mention navy and fuchsia. I went to meet a friend for coffee yesterday and wore my new scarf for the occasion. I went to my closet to find a jacket and tried a navy blazer, thinking it probably wouldn’t go very well, and to my surprise it looked great. I always like it when I discover a new combination that I hadn’t really considered before.
      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  2. Kind of a coincidence: I went to Macy’s, also wanting to buy something colorful and spring-y. I ended up buying a salmon pink wallet. It was the perfect wallet, everything I’ve always been looking for but never found until that day. Then I wrote a check and when I tore it out of the checkbook it had a jagged edge at the top and wouldn’t go back through the register so the machine could write “void” on it. It took 15 minutes and several supervisors’ intervention to finish the transaction. I was paranoid. Everyone else was staring at me. I bypassed the clothes and shoes, which might have done even more damage to the checkbook, and went home. Sorry, I just had to vent. You did very well at Macy’s. I did, too, except for the check-out anxiety.

    • There’s nothing worse than an ordeal at the register. I hope you got your extra 20% off for it being “red” day, especially in light of all your trouble. I had no idea that the red day sale was on, but the nice lady at the register said my orange sweater was close enough to red and she gave me the extra off without me even asking for it. I saw all the orange and pink/salmon handbags and wallets and really, really, really wanted to get one, but I’m trying to be good. Your wallet sounds so cute. AND… speaking of leather goods/shoes, I went to Aerosole this morning and saw the cutest two-toned shoes in, you guessed it, pink and orange. I think I need them! 🙂 🙂

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