Home Decor Sewing – The Well Dressed Bed


A Pleated Bedskirt

pleated bed skirt and coverlet

 I made the quilted twin-sized coverlet several years ago; I had additional fabric for a bedskirt, but never got around to making it.   I don’t much care for the ruffled look of most bedskirts preferring the softly tailored look of simple pleating.

soft pleating

I had everything I needed to complete this project on hand, which was very nice, because it was cold and gray yesterday and I really didn’t want to go out.  I  just happened to have a roll of drapery lining which I used for adding structure to the skirt along with providing a nice finished look on the underside.  I think it looks great and hides the storage boxes under the bed very nicely indeed.

bedskirt lining

Tigger looks quite pleased with his new situation.

Resting Tigger

About Kerri

I am a fabric-sewing enthusiast. All of my art is created in the medium I know best, beautiful, luscious, fabulous fabric. I have an intuitive understanding of the relationships between color, texture and design combined with my passion for detail and devotion to technical mastery makes fabric the natural medium for my artistic expressions My primary sources of inspiration for my sewing include historic costume, the interplay between fashion trends and classical forms, a penchant for quality and excellence and the beautiful colors I see in nature.

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        • I can’t tell you how nice that is to hear. Creating fabric art is a long and laborious pursuit and it is very slow going introducing it to others. Blogging has been a great way to share it with others who appreciate it and that has been very gratifying.

        • I wish I had the room to set up a studio to do more with the fabric arts. The 5*5 space in the kitchen gets very small quickly. I would love to see more of your art. It is very beautiful. Keep up the good work as your skill and detail in this are inspirational. Have a great weekend.


        • I sewed in my kitchen for years. You’re right, it’s a lot easier to have a larger space to work where you don’t have to put everything away at mealtime. Creative people won’t be stopped by producing, even in small spaces. 🙂
          You can see my “fabric art” as differentiated from sewing arts, at the link to “My Other Blogs” in the header above.

        • Thanks Kerri I will take a look. Got a cold today so a few days of down time in front of the computer and maybe in front of my sewing machine.
          Your right about the small spaces and still being creative – I still hope to one day have a larger space to create.

      • Kathy, so sorry to hear you’re down with a cold… no fun at all.
        I’m glad you were able to stop by my RemnantWorks site; thank you for your generous encouragement! 🙂

  1. What excellent workwomanship Kerri! Having had some experience in machine quilting and other sewing I can fully appreciate your artistry and technical skills. You are inspiring! Many thanks. Shelley

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