Sacred Music – A Portal to the Sublime


Agnus Dei

A Reverie for the Spirit

I first heard this piece a couple of days ago while watching an old episode of Midsomer Murders … of all places.  It is a contemporary piece written as part of the soundtrack for the episode.  I was surprised to learn this, because I thought it sounded more 18th century than modern.  All the better to know that there are still people in the world who are gifted with delicate sensibilities requisite to the creation of ethereal beauty.  Thank you, Jim Parker, for your exquisite composition.

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  1. Just beautiful! All three of my sons are musicians and I share their love of music, all kinds of music. Great pieces are always being written/recorded/performed, but because of the sad state of “popular” music and the continued cutting of music programs in our schools it’s unlikely we will get to hear it or live in a culture that supports it.

    • Yes, such are the times in which we live. It’s true with all the arts… the “good stuff” tends to languish in obscurity for lack of a popular market. On the bright side, we have our blogs to share the good stuff with each other. Thumbs up to that! 🙂

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