Creative Photo-editing; Confessions of a PicMonkey Junkie


Circles, Circles, Circles

I recently read an article in a quilting magazine that said circles are popular!  With that, I decided to have a go at circle making to see what the appeal was.  I have lots of fabric scraps left over from various art projects (Chieko Mamba) which I used for this project.  On the surface this type of work seems too simple to be very interesting, but I was a surprised to learn there is more to putting the fabrics together in a pleasing way than I thought.

First I made a 7″ x 7″ square and then applied the circle design.  I cut a 9″ x 9″ square of contrasting fabric as a back which would leave 1″ on all sides to fold up for a binding.  I sandwiched a piece of batting in between the front and back and stitched into place.  Below are the results… nice, but nothing to get too excited about.  I knew what I had to do… make an appointment with Dr. PM.


Here is what the original looks like after going bananas with the PicMaster... who just happens to be my new  BFF!

Blue Serengeti 

It could be an Italian mosaic or  French Country curtains or whatever…

Blue Serengeti framed miniature

Actually, this does get me excited; I am so intrigued by the endless possibilities of photo-editing… it’s just amazing what can be done with an original image to make it more interesting or just different for the sake of being different. I’ve added a gallery of miniatures at RemnantWorks where customers can choose a design and then have it printed in any color that suits their decor.  What a great option to provide!

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  1. What a lovely blog, I wouldnt have come across it if you hadnt visited mine, you will have gathered that Im not a great one for visiting blogs, but I’m certainly hooked on yours. I shall be following your posts with interest

    • Yes, I thought so, too. I haven’t been to Italy, but I’ve been to Turkey and seen their incredible tile work… it kind of reminded me of that, too. Thank you for your comment.

  2. I love seeing how you’ve manipulated the image. You could get this printed up into custom fabric at Spoonflower. I think if anyone then also orders fabric you designed you get paid, but I don’t know much about it. I also really like your original quilt block!

    • Hi Karen,
      Thanks for visiting and yes Spoonflower does print fabric I actually have an account with them. I love their company, but there is one catch. The designer has to buy a swatch of their own fabric before it can be put up for sale. That gets a bit expensive to buy a swatch of every design in the “hope” that someone might want to buy it. That said, I still think they’re a great company. If you go to Spoonflower and search under RemnantWorks designs you can find my designs under the “not for sale” section of my store. 😦
      Thanks again for your comment. 🙂
      Spoonflower allows you to design wallpaper, too. Very cool!

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