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The Marvel of Printing Your Own Fabric Designs

I’ve been interested in the concept of creating my own fabric for quite some time, but only really began to seriously consider the possibilities after discovering Spoonflower.  For those of you who may not have heard of Spoonflower, it is a company in North Carolina that processes  digital images and prints up original fabric for individuals.  No longer are we confined to what we can find in the fabric store; if we can conceive of it, we can create it and have it printed.  And, even better, we can sell our designs to other people.  Now that’s something to get excited about!

I am experimenting with printing my fabric mosaics onto cloth and then creating decorator pillows out of them.  I’m definitely in the experimental phase and there are technological considerations like MG’s and DPI’s that I’m having to figure out by myself.  My “helper” in that department is away at college, so I have to rely on my own ability to figures things out and it’s slow going, but I’m so excited about it that I wanted to share it with my creative community.

Please visit my RemnantWorks shop and feel free to leave a heart for encouragement.  🙂

A bit of serendipity has it that there is currently a Matisse contest going on at Spoonflower, and with that there are quite a few collections with Matisse inspired patterns that would provide great companion fabrics for my pillow backs.  You can see examples under my “favorites.”

About Kerri

I am a fabric-sewing enthusiast. All of my art is created in the medium I know best, beautiful, luscious, fabulous fabric. I have an intuitive understanding of the relationships between color, texture and design combined with my passion for detail and devotion to technical mastery makes fabric the natural medium for my artistic expressions My primary sources of inspiration for my sewing include historic costume, the interplay between fashion trends and classical forms, a penchant for quality and excellence and the beautiful colors I see in nature.

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