Sewing – New Season, New Skirt


Fall Fashion

I love this time of year…  the week or so between the last dog-days of summer and the first prickle in the morning air which heralds the changing of the season.  As much as I enjoy summer, I’m always ready for transitioning into my fall wardrobe with all the bold and beautiful colors of the harvest, the earthy reds and golds and green the speak of hearth and home and bounty.  Oh my, I might have to burst into song if I go on, so let it suffice to say that I’m happy to carry on with my fall sewing.

Being seriously committed to not buying any new fabric until I’ve worked through a portion of my backlog, I went to my existing fabric stash for inspiration and came up with a great remnant of wool twill in, you guessed it, a rich autumnal gold.   I adore this color and twill texture;  I’ve used it in several suits in the past.  I’ve been sitting on it for quite some time waiting for just the right pattern to come along.   This week, inspiration finally arrived and here it the happy result.

I used Vogue 8363 skirt pattern view D.  I prefer skirts without waistbands, because I find them to be more comfortable.  Eliminating the waistband requires the creation of front and back waistline facings.  The pattern is unlined, so I also created a lining to attach to the facings.

I always line wool skirts both for giving shape and support to the wool and also for comfort.  A nicely constructed lining helps the skirt slide over the body and is more flattering, not to mention it just looks better to have the seams and interior work hidden from view in.  My feeling is that when working with quality fabrics, it’s worth the extra cost and effort to create a beautiful interior finish.

Once the lining was attached it was time to select buttons.  I have a rather large collection of vintage buttons inherited from a Great Aunt.  I used some of her buttons for this skirt.  I carefully measured and marked the buttonhole placement with basting thread and machine stitched the buttonholes.

After buttonholes were stitched, I clipped them open and sewing buttons in place being mindful of proper alignment.

As with all wool garments, I will take this in for a professional press which will put a nice finish on it.  But until then, I’m publishing several pictures to show you how versatile it will be in my fall wardrobe.  And best of all, it didn’t cost me a dime… it all came from what I had on had and that’s a great feeling.

About Kerri

I am a fabric-sewing enthusiast. All of my art is created in the medium I know best, beautiful, luscious, fabulous fabric. I have an intuitive understanding of the relationships between color, texture and design combined with my passion for detail and devotion to technical mastery makes fabric the natural medium for my artistic expressions My primary sources of inspiration for my sewing include historic costume, the interplay between fashion trends and classical forms, a penchant for quality and excellence and the beautiful colors I see in nature.

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  1. Lovely skirt! I agree about the waistband, I miss that bit out whenever I can. I think there used to be lots of skirts like that back in the ’70s – a good vintage detail.

    • I have to smile at the idea of vintage; I think I personally qualify. 🙂 Many of the patterns I see listed as vintage I remember from growing up years. I think I have just about every pattern I ever bought since I was 12 years old stored in my attic.

      • I think I qualify too. I often recognise vintage patterns that my mother used. I am never sure about wearing “vintage” that I wore the first time around …….

        • I know what you mean. What I try to do to stay current is to take an element of what’s fashionable now and incorporate it into patterns that suit my figure and personal style. One of the things I like most about fashion today is that we are really free to do our own thing, because there are very few rules. Like it, wear it! 🙂

  2. Stunning skirt….I agree, dispensing with waist bands it the way to go! So much more comfortable! I don’t always add a facing …I just cut the lining from the same pattern and join at waist. This has worked fine for everything except a looser weave linen…I really should have stabilised that waist better! Ah well, live and learn.

    • Yes, a waistband that fits in the morning doesn’t necessary fit in the afternoon, so better not to bother with it. 🙂
      Maybe a twill tape at the waistline would do the trick. I sometimes use a lightweight rayon seam tape on waistlines, but I tend not to, because I Iike to have a little “give” and there is no give at all when taped.

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