Welcome To My Garden


Summer Garden

in the Pacific Northwest

Today is Labor Day and I’ plan to spend some time working in the garden.  The season is winding down here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and I have some clean-up to do, although there is still quite a bit of color left to enjoy.  I have found that many creative people are also avid gardeners; I think this may be related to the shared elements of color, design and hands-on work that are common to both pursuits.

Last year I created a video of my summer garden.  I had a particularly nice garden (some years are better than others) and wanted to be able to remember it during the nine months of gray we tend to have in this part of the world… and thus my video was born. I hope you enjoy watching it, too.  Happy Summer!

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    • You’re most welcome. I think there is a saying about wanting to give away what you love most… or something like that. I do love my garden and like to share it with others who feel the same about flowers.

  1. Simply stunning. You must win awards in your neighbourhood? I can’t imagine how much work that would be. Your lovely garden looks like a public park. We were in Portland last year to see Mary Poppins, it’s a beautiful city. Thank’s for visiting Boomdeeadda.

  2. I was watching Masterpiece Theater and noticed the background yard had a boarder of flowers up against the trees like yours only yours are far more Lush and outstanding than that particular English Garden. Creativity aside how do you do it ( nuts & bolts ) ??

    • I’m the same way with house plants… can’t seem to keep anything alive, so I’ve given up on it.
      Thank you for watching… I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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